Creating a salute to our state flag


The Contest

The Salute Indiana!contest was held in 2016 by Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution (INDAR) to commemorate the bicentennial anniversary of Indiana's statehood by creating a greeting to the state flag, appropriate for use by groups and organizations in ceremonies and rituals.  It was approved by the State Bicentennial Commission as an Official Legacy Project on April 11, 2016. 

It purposely echoed the 1916 contest, also sponsored by INDAR, celebrating the state's centennial.  This earlier contest sought designs for a new "state banner."  Paul Hadley of Mooresville won, submitting the flag design still used today; blue with yellow stars representing states and a torch representing liberty and enlightenment.  It was referred to as a "banner" because Civil War veterans were sensitive at using "flag" to describe any but that of the United States.  The General Assembly adopted the banner in 1917, later designating it the official state "flag" in 1955.

112 entries were submitted from May 1 to September 2, via a special website created for the event.  Submissions had to be from Indiana residents and no longer than 25 words.  The entries were judged on October 19 by a panel of five notable state leaders:

  • Mr. Bruce Blomberg, Social Studies Specialist, Indiana Department of Education
  • Mr. John Herbst, President of the Indiana Historical Society
  • Ms. Loretta Rush, Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court
  • Mr. Jacob Speer, Director of the Indiana State Library
  • Maj. Gen. Courtney Carr, Adjutant General of the Indiana National Guard

The winning entry was written by Ms. Gretchen Aggertt Weber, of Danville.  The judges also wished to give an "Honorable Mention" to Mrs. Barbara Brockhoff, of Cicero.  On October 29, at a statewide INDAR meeting, Ms. Weber received a $200 cash prize, and both ladies received framed DAR certificates and official bicentennial commemorative flags.  It was here that the salute was recited publicly for the first time, led by Mrs. Kendra Smith, Chair of the INDAR State Committee on the Bicentennial.

The Indiana Senate then honored Ms. Weber and Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution on March 6, with a Resolution recognizing their efforts.

​You're welcomed to visit our Facebook page for continuing news of this contest and our efforts to establish the new salute as an official part of Indiana history.​