Ms. Gretchen Weber, of Danville, wrote the winning composition:

O, blue and gold, with torch of old,
Enlighten our path with hope.
Hoosiers, we look up to thee
​And pledge our all to liberty.​

The final judging event was held October 19, 2016, at the Indiana Historical Society, in Indianapolis.  Our honorable judges were
(in photo, left to right) :

  • Mr. Bruce Blomberg, Social Studies Specialist, Indiana Dept. of Education
  • Mr. John Herbst, President of the Indiana Historical Society
  • Ms. Loretta Rush, Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court
  • Mr. Jacob Speer, Director of the Indiana State Library
  • Maj. Gen. Courtney Carr, Adjutant General of the Indiana National Guard

​In addition, the judges also gave an "Honorable Mention" to Ms. Barb Brockhoff, of Cicero, for a second place entry they felt was exceptionally worthy:

Indiana, my Indiana,
We are Hoosiers, tried and true.
To our flag, we pledge

Our hearts and hands,
The Indiana gold and blue.

On October 29, 2016, both ladies were recognized at a statewide INDAR event - and the winning salute was recited publicly for the first time.

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Our Winners

Creating a salute to our state flag!