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In 1916, the Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution commemorated our state’s centennial anniversary by sponsoring a competition for the design of a state “banner.”

The winning design, by Paul Hadley of Mooresville, was a blue field with yellow stars representing states, and a torch representing liberty and enlightenment.  In 1917, the Indiana General Assembly adopted this banner (with only one change: the word "Indiana" over the torch), and in 1955, designated it as the official state flag, still known and loved today.**

Thus, Indiana Daughters wish to celebrate our bicentennial  by initiating a competition to create a
salute  to this same flag!

This contest is open to all Indiana residents, and the winning submission will be brought before the Indiana General Assembly for approval.

Sponsored by:
Indiana Daughters of the American Revolution
State Committee on the Bicentennial

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For Another 100 years...

Write a salute to our state flag!